New Build Deposits

New Build Deposits25 Aug 2017

For many, the start of the journey is to secure a deposit for a home. And for many, the deposit may now be as low as 5% for a land and build, and the sources of that deposit can be form the following:

- Saved over time
- Gifted form Parents or family (but this can't be a loan)
- Equity in another house
- Gifted as equity from a parents property (Parent would have to qualify as guarantors)
- Eligible Kiwisaver (your contribution plus your employers contribution, and all but $1,000 of the government contribution that you are eligible to withdraw after 3 years, PLUS, if you are eligible for the Home Start Grant, that can be included as part of your deposit). Your must provide your "letters of eligibility" for Kiwisaver and/or the grant at application.

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