Frankton's Village Quarter coming together

Frankton's Village Quarter coming together9 Jun 2015

Hamilton's answer to New York loft style living is on the lookout for tenants to fill its remaining office space.

Construction is nearing completion on two of the buildings in the Village Quarter, a mixed-use retail and housing complex on the corner of Lake Rd and Hall St.

Developer Andrew Yeoman said there were two "small tenancies" available - one at 50 square metres and another at 80sqm. "The 80 square metre one is on Lake Road, so that's pretty primo visibility there and a really good spot."

The four modern mixed-use buildings will look north over Mill St and west over Lake Rd.

Described as a "mini Ponsonby", the development was proposed as five buildings and 49 apartments, but a change of plan saw that altered to four buildings and 43 apartments.

Work on the first section of the development began early last year and is expected to be complete by the end of June, Yeoman said. Work has just begun on the third building.

When finished, the first section will offer three offices, three retail stores, a cafe and 18 apartments. Apartments are available for sale from $270,000 to $380,000.

One office will be occupied by Harcourts Rentals, which can manage properties on behalf of landlords. Other office space has been filled by architectural firm Diverse Design, which designed the buildings. There is also a Don Buri and sushi shop.

"We've got some of the office tenants due to shift in, I think, at the end of of this week or the next," Yeoman said.

"It's looking really cool, actually. The office space is awesome and the apartments we have above them are really awesome. The first stage of the apartments are completely sold out and in the second stage, we've only got three apartments of the 11 left.

"The first building is just about finished, there's just a few touch ups to do. The second building is getting very, very close to being finished and we are just working on all the roading and that sort of thing at the moment.

"As soon as we get a couple good days, we'll be ploughing into that and getting things finished.

"The apartments look awesome and every time anyone comes through it they go: wow. It's quite a cool feeling, actually.

"We're getting a few people buying from Auckland."

His company has been inundated with calls from people wanting to see properties and they could not "release it fast enough".

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